To protect children and young people from harm, all staff/volunteers must have the core competencies to recognise children who may be at risk of harm and be able to take timely, effective action if they have concerns. All adults working with children / young people need to be clear their safeguarding responsibilities, and be supported by their employing organisation to embed and apply their safeguarding duties in practice.

To fulfil these responsibilities, all staff should have access to appropriate Safeguarding Children training as well as other learning opportunities to facilitate their understanding of this ever evolving topic.

Tailormade Training Solutions facilitates powerful Safeguarding Children training at all levels and for all professionals who have direct and indirect with children and young people. Our mantra is ‘The best way to safeguard children is to educate the adults around them’.

Our courses equip participants to comply with statutory guidance including:

  • The Children’s Act 1989 and 2004
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act
  • Working Together to Safeguard Children
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education
  • The Counter Terrorism and Security Act
  • The Serious Crime Act
  • Ofsted Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years, Education and Skills
  • London Child Protection Procedures.

All of our Safeguarding Children master classes are interactive and use a variety of training methods to enhance the participant’s learning experience.


External Supervision Support Service

We offer an external supervision service delivered by our professionally trained associates who are all registered with industry bodies such as Social Work England, UKCP, BPS and BACP. 

Our services include:

  • Supervision to Senior Leadership teams, Early Years managers, SENCO’s, Designated Safeguarding Leads and Deputy DSL’s
  • Supervision to teachers, pastoral staff, school counsellors and teaching assistants through one to one and group supervision. 

We offer supervision that  supports in-class teacher-child relationships – for example where a teacher is struggling with class dynamics which might be connected to the levels of distress among children in a class. We can also offer shorter-term interventions supporting a member of staff in a return to work process or where a complex situation has occurred which has been highly impactful but is no longer in crisis. 

Use our contact form to request an external supervision session.

Our handy FAQs will help you learn more about supervision.