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What we do

We take pride in our commitment to deliver training and consultancy of the highest quality, achieved through our network of dedicated and like-minded professional associates. In order to facilitate knowledge transfer, we feel it is important to acknowledge the specific needs of adult learners. With respect to adult learning, we feel the following principles hold true:

  • Adults must be involved in the learning - as such, we incorporate a high level of interactivity during delivery in order to gauge the transfer of learning

    • Adults learn by building on experience - Our facilitators are adept at incorporating examples and information so that learners will have a relevant frame of reference

    • Adults learn by doing - applicable case examples and opportunities for knowledge retention tests are incorporated into each seminar delivery

    • Adults learn in different ways and at different rates - utilising a variety of teaching methods (accelerated learning, group work, individual exercises, encouraging participation) during delivery allows us to stay true to the content while maximizing the experience for all learners

    • Adults appreciate constructive feedback - we use facilitators who are adept at listening effectively, and who understand the psychology of evaluative and reinforcing feedback

    • Adults appreciate an informal environment - a relaxed environment created by our facilitators allow these learners to feel at ease and become more open to the learning experience

    • Adults should be treated with dignity and respect - this is a fundamental tenet that is reinforced by our program facilitator through establishing an atmosphere of mutual respect for all those involved

All of our training courses

  • reflect the rights of children and ensure their welfare is paramount

  • include statistical information to highlight the fact that child abuse is on the increase

  • are influenced by past and current children’s legislation and guidance

  • are informed by equal opportunities and anti-oppressive practice and reflect the diversity of the communities served

  • promote the value of people working together to protect children from harm

How do we do it?

Although Tailormade Training Solutions is a small training and consultancy business, our network of associates means we can respond to a wide range of requests for training and consultancy.

We provide named staff for specific assignments or a small team of staff for more extensive projects. This network of associates is a key part of our service and enables us to offer the highest quality of consultancy and training to our clients at affordable prices.

Our experience of working with multi-agency audiences across the country equip us to understand and anticipate challenges, demands, opportunities and constraints faced nationally by the organisations that we work with.

By listening to our clients and understanding the issues effecting them, we are able to use that knowledge to work in partnership with our clients to develop services tailored to their needs. Our approach is built on expertise, many years of valuable experience, current best practice and current legislation.

Training methodology

Based on adult learning principles, Tailormade training solutions uses proven, highly interactive participatory sessions and practical techniques that offer discernable behavioral change that can be implemented / applied immediately in the workplace. We have always been firm believers in an interactive and engaging instructing style- an evolutionary step beyond traditional lecturing. From theory, to strategy, to proven practical tools, Tailormade training solutions delivers readily applicable safeguarding ideas and solutions to prepare participants for real-life situations.

To provide a constantly challenging and innovative knowledge environment, a variety of interactive learning tools are utilised in training delivery. Training methods include tutor delivery of presentation with the aid of powerpoint, video/dvd, small group work/feedback, self-assessment tools, quizzes, real life case studies, ice breakers, group discussions and, where appropriate role play. Stimulating adult learning methodologies which compliment session material and promote better retention of training content are constantly being updated and reviewed.

Our approach?

Our approach to course design and delivery ensures that learning is continuously monitored. For example our trainers are skilled at engaging with the group, and through the use of appropriate questioning and group work checking that learning has been assimilated.

Our training courses encompass a range of activities designed to engage a variety of learning styles. For example:

  • Pragmatists will find that the relevance of learning to day to day practice is made explicit;

  • There will be opportunities to discuss feelings and ideas to ensure that those who need the opportunity to reflect are provided for;

  • The theoretical and research base related to the topic will be presented and discussed.

  • There will be the opportunity for practical application of the material for those who prefer to learn through activities.

Quality Assurance

All of our associate trainers have professional training qualifications and extensive experience of facilitating group learning. All of our masterclasses are supported by comprehensive handout packs which include a copy of any presentations used during the training and supporting materials used, e.g. references, excerpts, useful websites etc.Suggested reading lists are also provided. With permission of the participants we would also feedback to the commissioning agency any perceived blocks to putting learning into practice identified by participants. Certificates of attendance are distributed to the delegates at the end of each masterclass.

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