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Personal Training & Development Philosophy

We take pride in our commitment to deliver training and consultancy of the highest quality, achieved through our network of dedicated and like-minded professionals.

Our associates are drawn from a wide range of professions including social workers, health visitors, early year’s professionals, Ex Ofsted inspectors, police, as well as other professional and academic backgrounds. This real-world experience gives them an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges you face every day. Susan Taylor is the founder and director of Tailormade Training Solutions. She is an experienced and qualified social care professional. She is a HCPC registered and qualified Social Worker with over 18 years’ experience. She is a successful trainer with clients in local authorities, private and voluntary sector organisations/agencies and district/borough councils nationally.

She says, ‘what I am most passionate about is making the link between learning what the guidance says you should do and actual change – how learning enables change and how change in turn enables learning….This is what really helps to protect children from child abuse and reduces the risk of allegations being made. Being able to make that connection is hugely empowering since it provides the insight, self-knowledge and confidence required to succeed in carrying out our safeguarding responsibilities. I care deeply about learning being meaningful and the resulting shift that inspires us to think differently and act appropriately when we have concerns about children.

As a professional trainer, social worker, speaker and college lecturer, Susan has partnered with leading colleges, schools and local authorities across the country to create and deliver interactive training workshops and seminars designed to provide participants with the tools and knowledge required to proactively practice in a safe and informed way, which in turn protects them and the children in their care. She has worked with clients across a broad spectrum of organisations, levels and functions supporting them by helping them implement safer child protection procedures.

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