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At the moment, you are probably accessing a range of Child Protection training via your Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, however, it is likely that due to the operational commitments of your school/setting, only limited numbers of staff are permitted to attend training events at the same time.

This can create a dangerous situation where some staff are clear about their role and responsibilities in terms of safeguarding children and some are not.

Having a named Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is good practice, however relevant Safeguarding Childrens training should be available to all staff in case a concern arises and the DSL is either unavailable or absent from the school/setting.

Tailormade Training Solutions can provide you with the opportunity to have group training held at your school/setting at a date convenient to you

Advantages to participating in group training

There are many things in the world which if shared with others yield more fun and excitement.

Experiences like watching movies, eating out, going for sightseeing etc can become more fun filled if shared with others. Sharing experiences and learning in a group has always been better than doing things all alone.

The same truth holds for learning via group training. As a professional training provider, we encourage organisations to look at the value of their training programs, rather than just the cost. As such, many companies are starting to realise the benefits of group training for their staff.

The case for group training is strong, as it allows staff to fully benefit from the trainer’s understanding and expertise.

The benefits this method of learning are:

  • To provide an opportunity for people to learn together and to explore professional dilemmas

  • Remind each other of the importance of ‘working together’ to safeguard children

  • Helps you identify areas to include in your annual improvement plan and assist in your self evaluation evidence

  • Enable delegates to demonstrate a highly developed awareness of their own roles and responsibilities, and those of others, in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children

  • Extensive interaction between the trainer and trainee, which allows participants to get much more assistance with individual needs

  • Helps to motivate staff to sign up to the organisations improvement journey

  • More opportunities for the trainer to focus on participants’ individual priorities / concerns and provide positive solutions / outcomes

  • Helps to create a culture that prioritises children’s wellbeing with all staff understanding the organisations vision and expectations

We are also able to develop or modify a course specifically to meet your needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please call or email us at

We can design and deliver a wide range of Masterclasses and seminars to meet your specific needs and national requirements.

Any aspect of child protection or safeguarding children training can be considered.

Our services include:

  • identifying specific training requirements

  • devising training courses and programmes to meet identified needs

  • delivering training to selected staff / volunteers

  • undertaking evaluations on the effectiveness of any training delivered

Benefits include:

  • tailored courses, uniquely designed for you and your organisation

  • training courses which focus on your organisation's specific objectives and needs

  • flexibility of when and where the course is run

  • savings on delegate travel, time and accommodation

  • training advice from our experienced team of consultants who have in-depth knowledge of the subjects we cover

  • facilitated discussion and exchange of ideas which are relevant to your specific issues

  • If the course you require deals with a very specialist subject, we will ensure that one of the trainers has knowledge and experience in that area. All of our trainers have professional training qualifications and training experience.

All charges are agreed before any work is undertaken.

Training organised along these lines provides a high return on your investment and can positively influence people’s attitudes to future training.

For more information please call: 07538 130 617
or email:

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