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Learning Outcomes

Safeguarding Training for Designated Teachers

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify what the key processes of safer recruitment are

  • Know how to plan your selection process

  • Prevent unsuitable people working with children and young people

  • Understand vetting and barring checks and those which are applicable during recruiting

  • Create a culture of safety within your setting

  • Continually assess the suitability of staff and volunteers

  • Have developed a structure for effective supervision and tools for managing the work, including the use of supervision agreements

  • Explore the role of the role of Designated safeguarding lead

  • Examines the need for on-going awareness and vigilance and how organisations can develop and maintain an environment that deters and prevents abuse and challenges inappropriate behaviour

  • Raise awareness of the challenges, dilemmas and expectations

  • Identify the key features of staff recruitment that help deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable people

  • Think about how abusers operate within organisations

  • Begin to review their own and their organisations’ policies and practices in recruitment with a view to making them safer

  • Identify the recent changes to the vetting and barring scheme

  • Identify the factors that can create vulnerabilities for children and for organisations

  • Practice supervisory skills and evaluate your own performance in order to apply your learning to real life situations

  • Identify the purpose, function and process of supervision with particular reference to safeguarding work

  • Highlight that supervision is a fundamental part of leadership and management at all levels

  • Recognise some of the unhealthy processes in supervision which may result in dangerous practice

  • Explore the importance of confidentiality in supervision

  • Identify and implement strategies to support vulnerable children

  • Provide other staff with advice on safeguarding matters

  • Understand the role of other agencies in safeguarding children and contribute to risk assessments working in partnership with families and multi-agency professionals in delivering subsequent interventions

  • Have knowledge of and ensure the existence of relevant safeguarding policies and procedures

  • Maintain an overview of the safeguarding policies, procedures and processes within the school

  • Access further safeguarding training, information and materials and be able to share their learning with others in the workplace via workshops and training events

  • Ensure staff are aware of policies and procedures and are appropriately trained to identify signs and indicators of abuse and neglect

  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the safeguarding processes and contribute to changes when needed

Safeguarding Training for Designated Teachers

About the course

This masterclass has been designed in line with the Department of Education’s 'Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018' and will give recruiters the information they need to recruit safely and comply with relevant statutory guidance.

Safe recruitment and selection processes are essential if settings, organisations and institutions are to attract the best staff and deter and reject those who may pose a risk to children or who are unsuitable to work with them. This masterclass provides opportunities to discuss the importance of safer recruitment in the wider context of safeguarding and promotes safer recruitment practice.

Keeping children safe in education (2018) lays out the responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Lead. This masterclass will provide designated safeguarding leads with clarity about what the task involves and support in implementing systems that safeguard children.

Safeguarding children must be a fundamental part of your recruitment processes, which regulators (Ofsted) will scrutinise during future inspections. An essential course to compliment recruiters who have completed the e-learning recruitment training. Delegates will receive the information they require to safely comply with relevant statutory safer recruitment guidance. It is suitable for all who are involved in staff selection, recruitment and induction.

Participants will have opportunities to examine how to continually assess the ‘suitability’ of staff, volunteers and students and how to challenge and improve poor, unsafe recruitment processes. All of those involved in working with children should have access to advice and support from peers, managers, or named and designated professionals (Working Together to safeguard children 2015). This course will help you and your front line managers to create and sustain an effective supportive supervisory framework.


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